Ethically Serving Sellers

Credibility and ethics are at the heart of the Bici Properties business. We close quickly, we pay cash, there are never commissions or fees, we are able to pay most if not all closing costs. Bici Properties strives to make the home selling process as easy as possible on you the seller. 

Making the Process Clear and Easy

Bici Properties is always stiving to make the sometimes difficult process of selling a house as easy as possible on you the seller. We clearly discuss and map out an offer for your house with no hidden fees or suprises at closing. We use contracts and documents that are widely used throughout the real estate industry in Texas. We work with reputable and competent Title Agencies to look out for all parties involved in the real estate transaction process including you the seller. Every step of the process is handled in a fair and equitable manner.

  • No Hassle Process
  • No Commisions or Fees
  • We Pay Closing Costs
  • You Get Paid Quickly
  • Avoid Costly Repairs
  • Avoid Time on Market
  • Avoid Inheritance Issues
  • Avoid Foreclosure

Bici Promise

Thank you for giving Bici Properties an opportunity to help with your property. We promise to treat you and your situation with honesty and respect.

We Provide: No Hassle Process, No Commissions or Fees, We Pay Closing Costs, We Can Move Quickly.

Contact our offices in Dallas at 214-740-3838 to find out your options and how Bici Properties can help.