Providing Solutions

The American Dream of homeownership can quickly become the American Nightmare of homeownership. Mortgage payments stacking up, facing foreclosure, expensive repairs needed to maintain your home, lose of a job, a need to relocate, or a death of a family member. All of these things can make owning and keeping a home a nightmare. Unfortunately the bank doesn't care about your problems, they just want their payments on time. Unfortunately, your house doesn't care that you can't repair it because you physically or financially just can't do it. The house just continues to deteriorate. We have helped people in all of these situations get out from under the weight of a property that has become that nightmare. We bring a solutions based approach to helping those that let us work with them. We can't help everybody, but we sure do try.

Bici Properties, LLC provides a service that helps homeowners avoid the common problems associated with marketing and selling a home in need of repair. Marketing and selling a home can be expensive, problematic, and time-consuming. A homeowner can avoid problems and experience a quick closing by working with Bici Properties. Bici Properties saves the seller from spending personal time and out-of-pocket money to repair the property and prepare it for the retail market. The biggest benefits Bici Properties bring to any property selling situation is Time and Convenience. Imagine not having to put in the effort, expense and energy needed to prepare your home for retail sale. Now imagine being able to just close and walk away on a timeline that works for you.

We Provide: No Hassle Process, No Commissions or Fees, We Pay Closing Costs, We Can Move Quickly.

Contact our offices in Dallas at 214-740-3838 to find out your options and how Bici Properties can help.